Hey, Quirky Bookworm readers! I’m so excited about Ella’s Book Nook on the blog! We have been working together the past few weeks to read and select books to review, including titles read in class. I had Ella write answers to a few questions so you get to know a little more about her.

Ella, 3rd grade

Question 1: What is your favorite subject in school? My Favorite Subject Is Science
Question 2: What is your favorite food to eat? Chicken Nuggets
Question 3: What are your favorite genres to read? Adventure Books
Question 4: What hobbies do you have? I like to play and talk to my friends
Question 5: What games do you like to play? Genshin Impact
Question 6: What is one of your favorite books? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Audiobook Review

Title: Mary Poppins
Author: P.L. Travers
Narrator: Sophie Thompson

It was okay, a bit lagging, I guess from the hand prints on the CD. (Copy was borrowed from local library.) It got annoying when it lagged, but I’m gonna be honest, it was a good audiobook. I’d give it a 5/5. I liked the story. The narrator was really good at reading the story. I COMPLETLY understood the story. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

Parent note: I will be buying her own copy. She loved it. Sophie Thompson does an excellent job with the narration. When I had difficulty getting Ella to lay down at night, I would use this CD to get her to sleep. Her voice is very soothing.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Ages 8-12)

It was a great book. My class had Chocolate Fever day on Friday. Wish I could do it again. We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It’s the old version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’d give this book a 1000000000000/10. It’s so good. I wish I could read it again at my school. I will definitely read it again. My favorite part was when Violet chewed the gum and became a blueberry (a fat one). It made me laugh. I would recommend this book as well.

Parent note: Ella read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class during quarter 1 of school, and didn’t just watch the movie. 😉

Ella is listening to…

Title: Endling #1: The Last
Author: Katherine Applegate
Ages 8-12

Endlings are a mythical doglike species that are being hunted to near extinction in the war-torn kingdom of Nedarra. Byx, the youngest member of her pack, believes it is up to her to save the Endlings.

Ella is reading…

Title: Meet Samantha (American Girl series)
Author: Susan Adler
Ages 8-10

From the publisher:

Samantha Parkington is an orphan who lives with her rich grandmother in 1904. There are many servants in Grandmary’s busy, bustling household, but there is no one for Samantha to play with. That’s why she’s so excited when Nellie moves in next door. Nellie has come to work so that she can send money back to her family in the city. Even though their lives are different, the two girls become good friends. One day Samantha discovers that Jessie, the seamstress, is leaving. No one will tell her why. So she and Nellie plan a secret midnight adventure to find out.

Title: Ramona’s World
Author: Beverly Clearly
Ages 8-12

From the publisher:

Ramona Quimby can’t wait to start fourth grade. With a new baby sister to brag about, new calluses to show off, and a new best friend to get to know, everything’s going to be great!

Or is it? When Ramona’s spelling is atrocious, her teacher, Mrs. Meacham, is firm about her needing to improve. Then a scary incident at a friend’s house leaves Ramona feeling at fault. Who knew growing up could be filled with such complicated situations?

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