I have the tendency to start a series and then never finish. There is just so much I want to read and not enough time in the day. Right now I have over 100 books stacked in our bedroom closet that I’ve never read. My husband has been kind enough to let me take over the space. I eventually plan on having a library, but for right now the closet floor will have to suffice. I will be reviewing series on here for readers who follow them.

Title: Fatal Fortune
Author: Miranda Rijks
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Format: Ebook

Dr. Pippa Durant works as a psychologist in the small town of Storrington, England. She is having a normal day grocery shopping after work when she notices people in the store stop to stare at her. Unbeknownst as to why, she gets a call from her brother on the way home saying to check the evening news. Leanne Smith is found murdered in her home after winning the lottery two months prior. Her face is beaten beyond recognition. The police mistakenly use the picture of Dr. Pippa found on top of Leanne’s body at the crime scene to identify the victim and now her face is on every major news channel.

Dr. Pippa comes forward to police saying she has no connection to the victim and the only information she has is that Leanne’s town is ten miles away from her home. Detective Sergeant Joe Swain focuses on Dr. Pippa as the prime suspect. Who could possibly want her framed for murder?

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts

Dr. Pippa is a likeable character and the supporting characters made for a fun read. The novel had plenty of twists and turns to keep me intrigued.

Fatal Fortune will be published on May 5, 2019. The next two books in the series, Fatal Flowers and Fatal Finale, will be released May 2019 as well. The series can be read independently or in order. I’m not making any promises, but I think this three part series is one I will finish.

Preorder the book here for $0.99 or download for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

About the Author

Miranda Rijks is the author of I Want You Gone (previously titled The Obituary), a thriller published in April 2019 with great reviews. Rijks has a law degree and worked in marketing prior to becoming an author with a masters degree in writing. She lives in West Sussex, England with her husband and daughter.

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